Love Before Courage

Each of my clients has a desire: to love her body, love her marriage, to love her work.

But each is scared and stuck. There is fear and worry and what-will-they-think-of-me.

In a brief conversation, I am often able to take someone from Scared and Worried to Excited and Giggly.

And, boy oh boy, do I love Giggly.

Giggly is effervescent. Giggly is the energy of being connected to you truest self. Giggly is that delicious excitement of stepping closer to being who you are meant to be.

Giggly means ready to do things you weren't ready to do 10 minute ago.

So what do I do that seems to work so quickly?

#1: I love your desire.

I love the idea of you being more of who you are, sharing more of your beauty and smarts, getting more of the love you need. I love the idea of the world being made a better place by you living the life you're called to live.

#2: I love your fear.

I love that you'll be awkward. I love that someone else will have to deal with their own s#*t because you're taking care of yourself. I love that you'll be the most vulnerable one in the room. I love that you're making contact with all the ways of feeling truly alive.

Love Comes Before Courage.

Just as with infants, our need for love and acceptance must be satisfied before we can take a leap and put ourselves out there and strive. Dependence comes before independence. Love comes before courage.

If you are feeling stuck with a desire that you are too scared or overwhelmed to move toward, seek love first.

Share your desire and let it be loved.

Share your fears and let them be loved.

Let that love be solid and reliable and easy-to-find, because when you're courageous you need a loving home to return to at the end of your day.

I want your courage. I want your fully-expressed life.

I am the love doctor of your dreams.

With love and optimism,


Announcing: Catalyst Sessions

I've created Catalyst Sessions, one-time intensive coaching sessions, to help women who have a specific desire but feel afraid and confused about how to step into action. I will help you get excited about making your dream a reality, work through the fears that are keeping you stuck, and craft a simple step-by-step plan for taking the leap. And we'll giggle.