Are you struggling with your child's sleep or behavior?

  • Do you want your child to sleep, but don't know how to respond to the crying and limit testing in a loving and firm way?
  • Do you want to help your child learn how to handle her big emotions, but your own big emotions get in the way?
  • Do you need help supporting your child with transitions, social relationships, and impulse control?

Being a Loving, Firm, Respectful, and Mindful Parent is Really Hard Work.

Parenthood challenges each of us at deep levels, especially if you are committed to being an emotionally-attuned and connected parent. In order to stay deeply connected to your children, you have to confront your own vulnerabilities and limitations and be willing to grow with them.

When your child is struggling, you need support to think through what she or he most needs and how you can be the parent you want to be. The good news is, with a guide and ally who can get to know you and your unique child's needs, you can learn how to set limits lovingly, help your child work with strong emotions effectively, and create a family culture where everyone feels supported, respected, and loved.

Using a mindfulness-Based approach to parent coaching, I can help get you back to feeling confident, connected, and capable of guiding your child through life's big and little challenges.

I use a short-term, solution-focused approach that takes into account your unique family and unique child's needs. We will create practical, emotionally-sensitive strategies that take into account your child's personality and developmental stage, as well as your own personal needs so you can stay resilient and present as you help your child.

When sleep coaching, we use a holistic approach that integrates the biology of sleep, the dynamics of your relationship, developmentally-appropriate limit setting, and emotion regulation. You can expect more consistent, restful sleep within days or weeks.

When working with discipline or emotional challenges, parent coaching will consider your child's current developmental and social stage, identify the underlying needs driving the behavior, address issues that trigger you and make it hard to stay patient, and create a plan that allows you to stay connected and set clear, loving limits. Families see positive change immediately.

When you have a guide & ally who thinks about your needs as well as your child's, you can quickly get back to being the confident, loving guide your child needs.

In a few short sessions, we will address your individual needs so you can be present and responsive to your child, and create step-by-step action plan to set limits while providing loving emotional support.

As a psychologist, mother, and parent coach, I have experienced the same challenges you are facing, and use strategies that have been effective in my own life and with hundreds of families I've helped.


"Before working with Jessica, we'd had negative experiences with two sleep consultants before. Jessica was so different! She really took our family's values into account, and took the time to really understand our daughter's personality. She didn't prescribe a ready-made method, but helped us understand what our daughter needed emotionally and helped us set limits while respecting her feelings. This whole process helped us feel so much stronger as a family!" - E.S.

"Jessica clearly gets it. She made me feel so comfortable opening up about struggling with my son's big feelings. I never felt judged and she helped me understand why he was getting upset, and why it was hard for me to be patient with him. Now, I know how to manage my own emotions so I can be present when he's upset and teach him that all feelings are allowed in this family." - T.W.

You May Still Have Questions

Do you use cry-it-out for sleep coaching?

I use an emotion-coaching approach for sleep training babies, toddlers, and older kids. You will encourage your child to express his or her emotions, which may include crying, but with you being present and responsive. Emotional expression helps release internal tension that can interfere with deep, restful sleep. I do not advocate leaving a child alone to cry without ongoing emotional support from a loving parent.

I've tried time-outs, reward charts, time-ins - everything! - and my child's behavior is still out of control. Will you teach us something we haven't already tried?

We will focus on getting underneath the motivation of your child's behavior, and use approaches that directly respond to your child's core needs. You will use strategies that make sense to you and your child, and allow you to stay connected even while setting firm limits. We may use tools you've tried before, but with ongoing guidance and accountability of a parent coach, so you can track what's working and why.

My partner and I approach discipline very differently. Can you help us get on the same page?

Yes. I work with parent couples so both of you feel empowered and authentic in your parenting. Typically, both parents are coming from a good place and need help integrating their different perspectives so the child feels supported from all sides, and you feel like you're on the same team. 

How long with it take?

Sleep coaching clients typically work with me for an average of 1 to 3 weeks. Discipline and emotion-coaching clients can expect to work together for 3 to 6 weeks.

parent coaching can help you be the loving, respectful guide your child needs to get through this challenge.

If you would like to set up a time to talk about working together, you can send me a message using the link below. I work with clients locally in Austin, TX or via phone with clients from around the world.