parenting your intense child with love & clarity

I help parents from infancy through adolescence to help children make their intensity work for them in the world, rather than causing problems with sleep, behavior, discipline, and social skills.

Parenting consultation will help you connect with the wonderful parts of your child and minimize the energy and power you give to your child’s worst impulses. With time and commitment, your child will plug into his or her ability to cope, be resilient, responsible and loving and leave the negative behaviors behind.

Traditional approaches to positive parenting don’t tend to work with emotionally intense children - typically they make things worse. Intense children need clear limits and boundaries, consistent consequences for rule breaking, and lots and lots of love and encouragement for their greatness and intensity.

I draw largely from the Nurtured Heart Approach (learn more here), and take a whole-family point of view which honors each individual’s needs as well as the health and wellness of the whole family system.

Consultation is either 50 minutes ($200) or 100 minutes ($400) depending on your needs. If you’d like to get started, complete my intake form.