anxiety & stress management

Anxiety is a gift that helps us survive - we anticipate threat and danger and take action to prevent harm to ourselves or those we love.

The problem is when anxiety is doing too good of a job - it won’t shut off, and it doesn’t do a great job of discerning what’s worth worrying about and what to let go.

Therapy will give you the ability to unhook from unhelpful anxiety so you can focus your time and energy on what brings joy and meaning to your life.

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"When I first came to Jessica, I didn't realize how stressed and anxious I was - I thought that was just how motherhood was supposed to feel! She helped me see all the things I'm doing well as a mom, and encouraged me to love myself, not just my kids. I feel so much more relaxed now, and am more available to my kids and husband in a real way. I'm not just flipping between stressed-out and checked out on my phone. I'm really present (most of the time!) and enjoying it. I'm so grateful to have Jessica in my life!" - P.D.

"I feel so safe with Dr. J and feel she has a combination of really smart insight as well as wise tools for helping moms who care a whole bunch but who can get ourselves in trouble with over-responsibility taking. Through working together, I learned that making simple commitments to myself each day made a huge difference, and that what is most important to me - my happiness and my family - need to be top of my to-do list every day!" - D.C.

"I've learned that when I focus on the good in a day, I can be proud of myself and also see that I'm living according to my values and beliefs. I'm enjoying myself more; paying attention to the present moment; being gentle with myself. I am finally having more fun and truly believe that I am 'enough'." - F. L.

* All testimonials shared with permission and identities are kept confidential