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Helping women take action in the direction of their values and aspirations. 

Be What You're About.

helping mothers be as loyal to themselves as they are to everyone else

I help women create more pleasure and fulfillment in their daily lives, relationships and work.

Motherhood can connect you with a deep longing to become your authentic self, but also comes with tremendous pressures to give up on your personal needs and follow the expectations of everyone around you.

I believe that you, your children, and the world benefit from you putting your personal fulfillment on the to-do list. You have ideas to share, desires to pursue, joys to experience, and value to offer the world.

I can help you figure out how to pursue your own needs while being engaged and present for your family.

To get greater clarity about how to manifest more vitality, desire and joy in your life, take my free 'Be What You're About' Self-Assessment.

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