couples counseling

Science shows that deep human connection is the source of our greatest joy and fulfillment, and is also correlated to better health and longer lives.

Commitment allows us to deepen our intimacy and find that deep joy, but also comes with tremendous complication, fear, and challenges.

My work with couples focuses on learning how to connect with each other in satisfying ways, and work through all of the pains and fears from our histories that get in the way of creating the love and cherishing we all deserve as a birthright.

Couples counseling includes sex therapy since physical intimacy is one of the most challenging aspects of long term relationships.

Depending on your goals and challenges, our first session will be either 50 or 100 minutes. I may meet with each partner individually at various points in our work.

Please complete the intake form on my Contact Page so we can get started.



"We were hesitant at first but right away Dr. Jessica made us both feel completely comfortable and like the problems we were facing were normal! Just having that time each week to sit with each other and know that we were committed to making things better felt really good. Dr. Jessica was so down to earth and completely understood the realities of trying to have a marriage with small children around all the time. She helped us find small, simple, playful ways of connecting each day. Now, when we're disagreeing, we know what to do to work through it productively. It has been such a gift to our our family." - R & H


"Jessica put us as ease right away by helping us see that the problem wasn't with each other, but that we were in a really stressful situation, with a ton of work to do each day, and needed to figure out how to help each other instead of put more stress on our shoulders. We reconnected with why we chose each other in the first place, and got on the same page about how we want to handle some of the struggles we're dealing with. We loved that we could always be completely honest and Jessica would never make us feel ashamed about messing up, she was always compassionate and helped us keep a sense of humor. Thank you!"- E & S

*All testimonials shared with permission and anonymously to protect client confidentiality.