A Different Type of Bucket List

‘Bucket Lists’ are kinda cool. You know those things where we name what we want to make sure to do before we die.

Sleeping in a glass igloo under the aurora borealis, for example, that's on mine (I don't actually have a formal list or anything). 

But there’s a different type of Bucket List, that I think women might long for more desperately and tend to keep secret

The Bucket List of things you hope you will STOP doing before you die.

Things YOU LONG to be DONE with and FREE from. 

  • Done with lying. 
  • Done with gossip. 
  • Done with emotional eating. 
  • Done with avoiding vulnerability. 
  • Done with qualifying and excusing. 
  • Done with buying crap you don’t like or use. 
  • Done with thinking about comparative thigh size. 
  • Done with trying to please people who don’t love you. 

I think this Bucket List needs to exist alongside the fun/interesting stuff one. 

Because all the useless doubts and fears and worries spoil the fun.