What Your Body Image Has To Do With Everything

In general, I think women feel betrayed by their bodies. You are enemies. You are NOT on the same team. 

You want to feel beautiful but your g*d d**m upper arms are thick = Betrayal. 

You wanted to be patient but your effing mouth went and yelled at the kids = Betrayal. 

You wanted to feel in control but your stupid hand went and grabbed the Nutter Butters = Betrayal. 

We walk around feeling angry that our bodies aren't on our side. 

But here's the deal...

Everything you're ever going to do is going to happen in your body. What would be different if you became allies instead of adversaries? 

Your body does the living.

Your eyes are reading this post. Your butt is giving you a soft place to sit. Your lungs are giving you breath. 

You want your body to do certain things. You want it to breathe when you're mad. You want it to sleep when you're tired. You want it to climax when you have sex. 

But your body is not going to get on board with your agenda if you're mean to it. 

You can change your relationship to your body. You can become friends. 

When your body wants the Nutter Butters, maybe you could be kind and curious.

Are you tired? Do you want something that feels good? You're right, I haven't been very good at letting you having things that feel good. Let me see how I can help.

When your body wants to yell, maybe you could be compassionate.

You don't like feeling powerless, you really want some control. I understand. How about we breathe first and see how we can get you that control. 

When your arms feel fat, maybe you could think about all the other things those arms do for you.

You truly are quite thicker than Giselle's, but thank you for typing that email for me and steering the wheel so safely on the way to school and letting me hold my babies.  

As long as you're fighting with your body, chances are it's not going to want to cooperate. It's waiting for you to be a little kinder, a little more understanding, a little more attentive. 

So today, consider thanking your body, asking it what it wants to tell you, and agreeing to work together on making a life worth living.