On Being A Late Bloomer

“To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” - Robert Louis Stevenson

A late blooming adult is a person who discovers, accepts or manifests her capabilities later than expected.

There's something about watching our children become that awakens an ache in late bloomers.

The Most Common Types of Late Bloomers I Meet Are:

Playful Late Bloomers

Playful Late Bloomers see children laughing and playing and immersing themselves in imagination and feel an ache. Playful Late Bloomers have never felt secure enough to let go and play, but they want to. They want to play with their families, and they want to play in life.

Self-Acceptance Late Bloomers

Self-Acceptance Late Bloomers have strong habits of self-criticism, never enough, body hatred, and general inadequacy. Self-Acceptance Late Bloomers have trouble expressing their true emotions and ideas because they aren't sure they are worthy of attention.

Boundaries Late Bloomers

Boundaries Late Bloomers haven't learn to ask for what they need and assert what doesn't work for them. Boundaries Late Bloomers are often overcome with exhaustion and resentment during early parenthood, which awakens their desire to learn how to set better boundaries.

Creative Late Bloomers

Creative Late Bloomers have focused on being realistic, and denied their deeper longings to create beauty and meaning in their work or environment. Creative Late Bloomers often need to find a new artistic or professional outlet to manifest their long-denied creativity.

Why It's Not Too Late.

When you feel the ache of being a late bloomer, that is the precise indication that it is finally time for your to bloom.

For whatever reason, it was not emotionally or physically safe for certain parts of you to bloom earlier.

Now that you feel the ache, it means it is safe.

Your work is to find a way to bloom within the realities of your adult life.

How to Bloom.

1. Be an Awkward Beginner

I ask my clients to get comfortable with clumsy and awkward. Whether you're trying something new as a child or an adult, being a beginner feels awkward and avoiding that feeling means not blooming.

2. Surround Yourself with Love

An essential part of blooming is planting yourself in the right garden (I'm sorry, that is so cheesy, but I had to run with the metaphor.) You are entitled to surround yourself with people who are delighted by your full self-expression. Much of my coaching work involves being a counter-balance to all the 'You can't do that,' and 'Who do you think you are?' messages in women's lives. The world is a better place when we become our best selves, and you need people around you who can see and believe in your best self. 

3. Be Courageous A Little Bit Everyday

You don't need to overhaul your life. You need to sit squarely within it and do the very courageous thing of making each day reflect a bit more of you. You may color with the kids, you may wear lipstick at drop-off, you may decline that invitation and read a juicy novel.

Who you are is how you live your days.

I believe we need you to become your truest, best self, not the self that pleases everyone else and checks off all the good-girl boxes.

With love and optimism,


Are you ready to bloom?

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