Be What You're About: An Interview with The Tiffany Han

I'm excited to kickoff my interview series with mothers who are pursuing their own fulfillment in life, love, and work with the inimitable Tiffany Han. Tiffany has created a vibrant community and successful coaching business while working less than 20 hours per week and raising twin baby girls. She is the creator of the 100 Rejection Letters program, which helps creative entrepreneurs take huge leaps in their businesses by taking risks, being visible, and playing a bigger game.

Here's our interview about doing what you love, being a role model for your kids, and letting the house be messy. And if sitting in one place long enough to watch a video is a total pipe dream, here's an audio only version! Yeehaw!

The next session of 100 Rejection Letters is starting soon and you can learn more here.

Also, Tiffany mentioned News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, which you can get here.

Big Take Away from this interview? Your desires are worthy of pursuing and If you want something you just better do it!

With love and optimism,