Be What You're About: Interview with Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats and Frugal

'Be What You're About' is an interview series with moms who are doing creative work that lights them up and gives them a sense of fulfillment, while raising young kids. 

I had the pleasure of talking with Amiyrah Martin of about her amazing work helping families learn how to live within their means without feeling deprived and stingy. 

I love the vitality and purpose Amiyrah brings to everything she talks about, and the novel ways she has found to integrate her work and family life. 

Watch the video below to learn how she does it, or take a listen to the audio only version here

If you like the idea of mindful money management, and love the idea of adding a little Amiyrah-awesomeness to your life, you can find her at  She's got a free e-book about Entertaining on a Dime that is really cool - you should totally check it out. 

You can also hangout with her on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Thanks for watching, y'all. If you want more interviews with women raising kids and doing work they love, you can find them here

Jessica has been essential in helping me become the mom, partner, and person I want to be.
— Melanie, mom of 2