Sex Therapy

I work with adults individually and as couples to find more pleasure and connection through sexuality and physical intimacy.

Only 5% of the sex humans have is to make babies. The other 95% is simply for the purpose of enjoying it. Enjoyment comes from the individual’s physical pleasure and the emotional connection between partners.

Many of us have tremendous difficulty actually enjoying sex, due to physical challenges or emotional anxieties and confusing mixed feelings.

I work with:

  • Erectile functioning problems

  • Low desire and arousal

  • Mismatched desire between partners

  • Pain and aversion

  • Guilt, shame, body image concerns regarding sexuality

  • Difficulty integrating physical intimacy into your life and relationship

The goal of sex therapy is to help you enjoy your own body and to enjoy intimate connection with your partner. Often, sex therapy and couples counseling are integrated and we may meet individually or as a couple depending on your needs.

Please note, I work primarily with individuals and couples interested in monogamy. If you are looking for support for an open or polyamorous relationship, I recommend being in touch with these colleagues who are more specialized in that area:

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