You're in! Thank you for making the commitment to yourself!

You will receive an email from me with all the details about what to expect in the days to come. For now, here is a reminder of all you're getting in this process, and the FAQs if you still have questions.

I'm so excited to work with you!


Dr. J

the program

  • One-on-one online coaching with me for 28-days
  • A printable workbook with the prompts and program guide
  • Two custom journal prompts to use each day, morning and evening
  • An engaged community of women with similar desires and struggles
  • Daily emails for inspiration and support
  • Weekly coaching calls on Thursdays at 930am PT/1230pm ET
  • Alumni savings on all future sessions


program FAQs

When are the community calls? What if I can't make them?

We will meet four Thursdays in a row at 930am PT/ 1230pm ET. The dates for the Spring Cohort are March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st. The calls will run up to 60 minutes. You don't have to be on the calls to benefit from the program; the calls simply provide an additional layer of community and the opportunity for live coaching. Recordings will be posted after each call. 

I've tried journaling before and never stick with it. How would this be different?

You will be doing it with a group to keep you inspired, motivated, and accountable to yourself. You will also have specific journaling prompts that are enjoyable, simple, and productive so you will stay connected to the intention of doing this practice. Lastly, I will be personally responsible for checking in on you and helping you keep the commitments you made to yourself. 

I don't want to share all my dirty laundry with strangers. How private is it? 

You get to choose how much you share. Some people write exclusively in their paper journals and others share each post. Still others share their evenings posts but keep their morning ones private, and vice versa. Research shows that sharing your commitments makes them you more likely to succeed in accomplishing them, so I encourage members to connect with the group in some way, either on the calls or in the online forum, but you get to choose what and how much you share. 

Is there a Facebook group?

No. I use a highly secure online journaling program for people to connect with one another, for a couple reasons. First, it is more private and you have control over how you share your posts - anonymously, keep them private, share just with me, or share with the group. Secondly, I find that Facebook is a major distraction that interferes with women connecting with themselves, so I think it's very productive to have an alternative place to connect online where everyone there is committed to doing important work. Many participants find that the online journal serves as a productive alternative to social media. 

What if I can't keep up? 

Many of us have a habit of beating ourselves up when we fall away from our commitments. This process is about unlearning those habits. Instead of beating yourself up, reconnect to what you most want and do something that is easy and enjoyable and serves your best self. I have designed the program to be done in 10-20 minutes per day. Any change requires a commitment to yourself, and this is a small investment for a big payoff. It doesn't matter if you write every single day or answer every single prompt, as long as you're doing something daily you'll see results.

You're a psychologist, is this group therapy?

This program is a combination of online education and support group, and does not qualify as therapy. It is not meant to treat any mental illness, but rather support you in crafting days that prioritize joy and meaning. Many people find this program is a great addition to their personal therapy, but not a replacement. If you feel like you need more psychotherapy, please seek out a local mental health provider.

What's your refund policy?

If you find that now isn't the right time for you to do the program, or it's not what you were looking for, please let me know within the first 7 days and I will issue a full refund or credit you for a future program.


Got questions? Email me.