just one precious day - a mindful day planner

Stop Giving Your Day Over to Endless Stress and Mindless Habits.

Design a Day Based on What Matters Most, So You Can Go To Bed Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment, Gratitude, and Connection.

Using this day planner will literally rewire your brain for happiness, optimism, and resilience. By focusing on creating meaning and connection each day, you will become less busy, leaving more room to slow down and connect with your kids, enjoy your partner, and focus on your personal fulfillment.

It's a simple one page printable planner which will take max 5 minutes to complete, and will give you direction and intention in your day. Enter your email address to get instant access.

With love and optimism,

Dr. J

It’s a gift that keeps giving! when I’m in a rough spot it literally keeps me on the rails. When I’m in a good spot it lets me revel and observe my breakthroughs and joys and transform it ALL into life long learning.
— Laura