Hi love -

Here is my care package for you. It's got 3 audio recordings that you can listen to at any time to take a break, reconnect with yourself, and recommit to approaching your day with more calm and grace.

These 3 recordings come from my group coaching programs and focus on 3 of the big skills my private clients use. You'll hear me refer to 'the journal,' which is an online journal I use with my coaching clients.

1) Protect Your Energy. 

No one is going to protect your energy for you, so be a loving guardian for yourself. If you don't you get depleted, burnt-out and resentful. If you want to feel more ease, peace of mind, and vitality, you've got to protect it fiercely. This audio will help you do that.

2) Have Some Fun.

If you want to be easy-going and joyful, you need to know what you enjoy. We are so used to being 'productive' and working, that we believe 'fun' is something we do when all the work is done. It doesn't have to be like that, and it doesn't work like that, because the work is never done. You can learn to have fun within your busy, productive day. You'll be happier and your kids will enjoy being around you. This audio will help you have more fun.

3) Relax on Demand.

Even with the intention to Protect Your Energy and Have Some Fun, stress happens - all day long. This audio guide will teach you a specific tool to Relax on Demand, no matter where you are or what the situation is. When you can do this, you turn down your fight-or-flight response, and have access to a more thoughtful, compassionate, intentional you. Here is the Relax on Demand guide.

With love and optimism,

Dr. J