Sex Therapy

  • Do you feel like you have low libido or sex drive?
  • Are you worried you're in a sexless marriage?
  • Is lack of sex causing conflict in your relationship?
  • Do you spend time worrying that there's something wrong with you, your body, or your marriage that is making sex so complicated?
  • Do you struggling with body image concerns and other anxieties that get in the way of enjoying your sexual life?

In our culture, sex is everywhere, and it seems to be so fun and empowering and awesome! But the reality is, sex is complicated, especially in long term committed relationships.

Our romantic ideals make it hard to understand how we could love someone so much, but not feel passionate or turned on after all these years. So many of us start to believe something is wrong with us, with our bodies, or our relationship. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you.

Intimacy, eroticism, and sex can be even more satisfying in a long term relationship than the 'hot' sex of the beginning stages, but it's different.

Fortunately, sexual challenges are rich opportunities to learn more about yourself and deepen your relationship.

therapy helps you redefine how Sexuality fits into your Personal Life & Your relationship.

I work with adults individually who want to reconnect with their sexual selves, or connect for the first time in a new, healthier way. 

I also work with couples to improve their dynamics around affection and intimacy, so both partners feel understood, respected, and loved.

I help with low libido, sexual aversion, conflict about sexual frequency, and figuring out how to nurture your sexual aspects of yourself and relationship.

Work with an expert in sex therapy for long-Term, Committed couples.

I know that conversations about sex can be awkward and uncomfortable no matter how long you've known each other, and I'm here to make it easier. 

I focus on the health or your relationship with yourself and each other, and how sexuality fits into that. I will help you find the language you need to understand what you want and need in your intimate life, and what gets in the way of making it easy to connect sexually.

Since I believe everything is integrated, we will be able to problem solve around all of your current life challenges - such as parenting struggles, sleep problems, work schedules - that feed into your struggles with intimacy and sexuality. 

Together we will find realistic solutions that feel authentic and comfortable for you. I am optimistic that you can enjoy your body, pleasure, and connection again.

If you'd like to talk more about working together, you send me a message using the link below.

Jessica is my go-to referral for parents struggling with sexuality and intimacy once little kids come along. She is a kind and compassionate sex therapist. Jessica has a great deal of knowledge and experience in working with parents and I’m super lucky to have her as a resource.
— Heather McPherson