Jessica calmly and entirely without judgment or shame helped us learn how to help our son and help ourselves. We have learned, with Jessica’s help, to help him manage his own emotions — an invaluable skill...I am so very grateful for Jessica’s skill and compassion. She has been an invaluable part of my growth as a mom.
— Ashley

This Challenge is an Opportunity for Growth & Connection.

Thank you for your wisdom, compassion, and sense of humor, Dr. Jessica! You have been a lifesaver for our family.
— Alexa

I help parents get back in the driver's seat with:

  • Discipline & Power struggles
  • Transitions, loss, and anxiety issues
  • Bedtime chaos
  • Tantrums and big emotional outbursts
  • Co-parenting conflicts

You can get back to a place of feeling confident, grounded, and connected with your child, even during times of struggle.

Together, we will clarify what developmental and situational factors are contributing to the problem. Next we will create a sensitive, workable, personalized action plan that allows you to be the parent you want to be and meet your child's unique needs.

Our initial session includes a pre-session assessment, 75 minute consultation and written plan for $225. Follow up coaching sessions are $175 for 50 minutes or $120 for 30 minutes. Consultations are offered in my Austin office, or via phone/FaceTime/Skype.