• Has your marriage been on the back-burner for far too long?
  • Do you feel like your relationship is more about work and logistics than love, friendship, and intimacy?
  • Are you arguing about parenting and/or housework more than you want to?
  • Are you growing to resent each other because your needs aren't being met?
  • Do you worry about the impact your relationship is having on your children?

Marriage is hard for everyone because it's about growth and change and being vulnerable together even when you want to run away.  In the moments when you both need to rely on each other for comfort, support, and pleasure, you can fall into the habit of being adversaries and sources of stress and conflict.

Over time, you might become complacent and accept that your relationship has lost its spark and the emotional closeness you used to rely upon. Or maybe you've come to argue and fight on a regular basis, and there's a lot of tension in your home. One way or the other, you're missing the warmth, compassion, pleasure, and intimacy you wanted in your marriage.

All couples struggle at some point, and I use a unique combination of Couples Therapy with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy tools to help parents move from conflict and distance to friendship and support. I have dealt with many of the issues couples face both personally and professionally. Whether you are struggling with co-parenting, sexual intimacy, or negative communication styles, couples counseling can help you find concrete, doable strategies to work together more effectively and lovingly.

Couples who apply the skills learned in marriage counseling experience greater relationship satisfaction, less conflict, more cooperative co-parenting, and more positive interactions with their kids.

In our sessions, each of you will have the opportunity to meet with me individually and speak honestly about your struggles, fears, and wishes. Each of you must believe you can grow and must commit to bringing your best, most courageous self to the relationship and our work together.

Together, we will examine your everyday challenges and understand the moments when you disconnect, become defensive, or turn against each other. Both of you will bring to the sessions a willingness to find solutions, be vulnerable, ask for what you need, and keep the bigger picture in focus - a happy, healthy marriage and family. With weekly 'homework' assignments and access to me for coaching between sessions, the results can be fast and powerful.

By committing to a short-term, solution-focused period of couples counseling, it is possible for you to develop a deeper, more compassionate, and more supportive love for each other. You and your partner can parent like a team, work through disagreements, and rekindle the friendship and intimacy you lost.



"We were hesitant at first but right away Dr. Jessica made us both feel completely comfortable and like the problems we were facing were normal! Just having that time each week to sit with each other and know that we were committed to making things better felt really good. Dr. Jessica was so down to earth and completely understood the realities of trying to have a marriage with small children around all the time. She helped us find small, simple, playful ways of connecting each day. Now, when we're disagreeing, we know what to do to work through it productively. It has been such a gift to our our family." - R & H


"Jessica put us as ease right away by helping us see that the problem wasn't with each other, but that we were in a really stressful situation, with a ton of work to do each day, and needed to figure out how to help each other instead of put more stress on our shoulders. We reconnected with why we chose each other in the first place, and got on the same page about how we want to handle some of the struggles we're dealing with. We loved that we could always be completely honest and Jessica would never make us feel ashamed about messing up, she was always compassionate and helped us keep a sense of humor. Thank you!"- E & S

*All testimonials shared with permission and anonymously to protect client confidentiality.